VoLo Foundation Health

Through research, funding, and collaboration with top scientists, VoLo Foundation Health applies its data modeling expertise to assist with cutting-edge research that has the potential to improve human healthspan. Having spent many years as a preeminent voice connecting science and climate change to raise awareness on the topic, David & Thais Lopez Vogel and the VoLo Foundation team are widening their focus into epigenetics, gut microbiome, and multi-omic data analysis with the creation of the VoLo Foundation Health Initiative.

Change The Mindset Around Health

From A Reactive Approach Centered On Treatment
And Age-Related Diseases
To A Proactive Approach Focused On Prevention
And Extending Healthspan

Healthcare Focuses On Treating Rather Than Preventing

Majority Of Spending Made On Age-Related Diseases

Optimal Lifestyle Varies From One Individual To Another


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