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“We must become better at decoding the data of the body’s genetic and microbiome road maps, for they can reveal a path to disease, or the path to health and longevity.

Once we know this, it’s a much simpler matter to intervene and reroute to the destination of wellness and a longer, healthier life.”

David S. Vogel
Co-Founder of VoLo Foundation

VoLo Health

A group of scientists, philanthropic professionals, community leaders, and innovative thinkers. We are deeply passionate about health and wellness. Fueled by data-driven research that will change how we view healthcare.

3 Key Supporting Pillars To Our Value Creation


We build partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations who contribute complementary skills and resources increasing our impact.


Fund research programs, events, and initiatives. Contribute to scientific discoveries by providing cutting-edge data science expertise.


Educate the public on historical and timely scientific research discoveries. Provide the public with educational resources to learn about health, wellness, and digital health.

Meet The VoLo Team

We are experts in data science, predictive modeling, healthcare, biomedical research, business, and finance. Through funding research and analysis, in collaboration with philanthropic and academic partners, we look to unlock the relationship and interdependencies between evolving multi-omic data sources and create discoveries in health, medicine, and disease prevention.

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David S. Vogel

Co-Founder/trustee and Chief Scientist

David S. Vogel is a data scientist who has earned international recognition for his predictive modeling accuracy. He has won the prestigious KDD Cup several times and the Heritage Health Prize in 2013. As the Founder and CEO of Voloridge Investment Management, LLC, an award winning quantitative hedge fund, David has been expertly quoted in Bloomberg, Barron’s and others on charitable and financial topics. He currently serves as Board Member to Environmental Defense Fund, JUST Capital, and Amplio. He is part of the Climate-Related Market Risk Subcommittee at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. As Trustee of VoLo Foundation he conducts scientific data research gathered to create awareness around the effects of climate change. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Scientific Computing from New York University.

Having spent many years as a preeminent voice connecting science and climate change to raise awareness on the topic, David and the VoLo Foundation team are widening their focus into epigenetics, gut biome, and multi-omic data analysis. Through research funding and collaborations with top scientists, David applies his data modeling expertise to assist with cutting edge research that has the potential to maximize longevity and optimize health.

Thais Lopez Vogel


Thais is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. Before moving to the United States, she worked for Petroleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anonima (PDVSA), a Venezuelan State oil company and the 39th largest company in the world. As our Trustee, Thais is responsible for setting priorities, approving strategies and allocating resources. She envisions VoLo playing a leadership role in expanding awareness of environmental issues. As a visionary, she created Florida Climate Week making it the most important climate focused event in the Southeastern United States. Her focus is expansive to include childhood education and global health care, which she believes are core building blocks for a sustainable future.

As a mother of six, she aims to set our goals and values as an extension of the principles she instills in her children. In 2019 and 2020 Thais was named one of the 100 Most Influential Latinos Committed to Climate Action. She is a board member at Environmental Defense Fund, American Conservation Coalition, Tiffany Circle at the American Red Cross, Water People Theater in Chicago, and also participates in several local community-focused committee groups in the Palm Beach area. Thais attended school at Colegio Emil Friedman and received her law degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello.

Daniel Vera PhD

Director Of Research

Daniel Vera is the head of research and the data science team. He is a computational and molecular biologist with 13 years of experience in omics research. Prior to VHI, Daniel worked as a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Frequency Therapeutics, leading the design and analysis of omics research projects in regenerative therapeutics for age-related hearing loss. Prior to Frequency, Daniel led an independent consulting company offering services of genomic data generation and analysis for biotech companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. He co-founded and directed the Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine at Florida State University, providing services of experimental design, data generation, and analysis for numerous academic labs. During his career, Daniel has authored over 30 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles in omics, algorithm development, and disease biology, and garnered numerous awards.

Christopher Schnyer


Christopher serves as an advisor to the trustees in the areas of research, policy, and strategy. He brings over twenty-five years of experience in nonprofit management and public policy research. He spent three years as a project manager/research associate in the health unit at RAND Corporation, where his work focused on clinical quality and performance measurement in health care. Prior to that he worked at the Institute for Health Policy Solutions where he expanded affordable health coverage for working families in California. He also spent two years as an independent nonprofit management consultant in Boston, MA. He is currently Chief of Staff to the CEO at Voloridge Investment Management, a role that includes providing executive leadership to the Strategy Data Group. Christopher earned a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Public Policy from the Goldman School at the University of California, Berkeley.

Karolina Chwałek PhD MBA

Senior Development Director

Karolina Chwalek supports VHI as an external consultant overseeing grantmaking, research collaborations, and external partnerships. Karolina serves as a Director of Business Development and Strategy at NodThera where she leads relationships with industry partners and investors, and heads corporate communications and competitive intelligence. Prior to joining NodThera Karolina was a Director of Business Development at Frequency Therapeutics, Director of Technology Acquisition & Development at Life Biosciences, and CSO of Spotlight Biosciences. Karolina had a prolific academic career focused on regenerative medicine and aging biology at leading academic institutions including Harvard Medical School and Tufts University. Over the years, Karolina combined her academic roles with entrepreneurial experience in Research Administration, Technology Transfer, and Venture Capital, building new ventures and commercializing early-stage academic inventions. Karolina obtained her PhD in Regenerative Medicine from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, an MSc in Biology from the University of Nicolaus Copernicus, and an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology. Karolina volunteers her time advising first-time biotech entrepreneurs and mentoring younger generations of women in STEM.

Michael S. Reed

Manager Of Translational Research

Michael Reed brings a uniquely eclectic and well-suited background to Volo Health. Leveraging his experiences as a medical practitioner, clinical researcher, operations specialist, and business executive in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, he provides seasoned perspectives, organizational support, and knowledgeable inspiration to our team. He is committed to executing our strategic plan and helping us to make the Volo Health vision of proactive healthcare a reality.

Michael founded and managed evidence-based medical practices in Florida over two decades before merging his firm with the world-famous Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Appointed as Director of HSS Florida, he was responsible for supporting the hospital’s expansion into the southeast region. In 2014, Michael was recruited to lead the North American Spine Foundation as Executive Director where they raised millions for Spine 10 x 25, a national initiative that he and his team created to address US spine disability and for which they successfully secured a congressional resolution (H.Res.432 in the 114th Congress). Michael has been published 13 times in peer-reviewed journals (seven as lead author), chaired international seminars, provided over 170 podium presentations, and produced 19 educational videos. Michael enjoys time with his family and has a long-standing passion for endurance racing. He competes regularly around the country in marathons, Ironman events, and other ultra-distance contests.

Enrique Ramos PhD

Senior Scientist Of Bioinformatics

Enrique is a Senior Scientist of Bioinformatics at VHI where he is integrating different omics along with computational biology for the discovery of potential diagnostic and therapeutic treatment to improve human health. Enrique Received his PhD. in Molecular Genetics and Genomics from Washington University School of Medicine where he contributed to the development and application of high throughput methodological and computational tools that enable efficient and accurate identification of genome-wide rare sequence and epigenetic variants. He applied those methods to clinical cases to identify potential disease-causing genes in complex phenotypes. Additionally, he completed postdoctoral studies at Baylor College of Medicine studying the genomic characterization of rare pediatric central nervous system diseases: malignant epithelioid glioneuronal tumor and pilocytic astrocytoma with anaplasia. The main goal of these studies was to describe clinical, pathologic, and molecular features using an integrated genomic approach that included exome, transcriptome, targeted mutation panel sequencing, and copy number arrays. Prior to joining VHI, he completed a second postdoctoral position at TTUHSC El Paso studying expression analysis of long non-coding RNAs in estrogen-regulated signaling and its application as novel biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets. Throughout his professional career, Enrique has received numerous academic and research awards including fellowships and training grants from NIH, HHMI, American Society for Microbiology, American Association for Cancer Research and Endocrine Society. He has an extensive peer-reviewed publication track record and serves as a reviewer for scientific journals. In his free time, he enjoys to mentor and teach young investigators about research, genomics, and bioinformatics, as well as promote diversity in STEM careers.

Anderson Butler PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Anderson is a consulting computational biologist with 8+ years of experience at the intersection of omics research, molecular biology, neurobiology, and aging biology. Anderson received his PhD in Neurobiology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he worked to characterize epigenomic changes induced by stress and aging in the hippocampus and other memory centers of the brain. Anderson’s thesis work explored how epigenetic changes are targeted, how they contribute to cognitive decline, and how they can potentially be manipulated to rescue age-related memory impairments. He is currently receiving postdoctoral training at The Scripps Research Institute and UF Scripps Biomedical Research, where he investigates age-related cognitive decline at a single-neuron level using a combination of transcriptomics as well as other computational and wet-lab techniques such as computer vision, automated behavior analysis, and in vivo functional imaging. Anderson’s research has received academic awards in the form of training and travel grants as well as recognition at domestic and international conferences.

Isaac Bishof PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Isaac Bishof is a Senior Data Scientist at VoloHealth. Isaac creates machine learning pipelines to identify molecular mechanisms of aging and disease, through the use of multi-omic data. Prior to joining VoloHealth, Isaac has worked within a diverse variety of organizational types. These include large research institutes (NIH), big pharma (AstraZeneca), and biotech start-ups (Ideaya Biosciences). In these various roles Isaac has leveraged his biological and computational expertise to illuminate patterns in data and make sense of complex signals. Isaac received his PhD in Biochemistry from Emory University, where he studied Alzheimer’s Disease and proteomics.

Dylan Spielvogel

Research & Education Specialist

Dylan Spielvogel provides general research and content development support to Volo Health. Dylan has over 18 years of experience in the education sector, with an emphasis on media technology, curriculum, and program development. His specific focus areas include web content, video/audio presentations, and interactive and virtual learning. He has a bachelor’s degree from The New School and a master’s degree from New York University.

Dylan is a professional musician and performs bass and cello with symphony and chamber orchestras, rock and string ensembles, musical theater, jazz combos, and even the occasional country/bluegrass band. Dylan is also a competitive mountain biker and avid skier. He lives with his wife and two young children (also bikers and skiers) in Connecticut.

Dmitry Larko

Senior Data Scientist

Dmitry Larko graduated with honors from Siberian Federal University with a master’s degree in Computer Systems. He discovered the Kaggle ML competition platform in 2013 and became Kaggle Grandmaster through participation in various machine learning competitions. Dmitry has 15+ years of experience and deep expertise in Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning with applications to finance and healthcare.

Tristan Starling-Smith

Senior Researcher

Tristan Starling-Smith is a Senior Researcher at Volo Health. Tristan investigates metabolic dysfunction and biomechanical deficiencies and creates protocols to address them. Tristan received his PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Florida, where he worked to characterize the critical power concept using both Bayesian and Frequentist statistical models. Tristan’s thesis work focused on how the effects of normobaric hypoxia may differ between genders when targeting skeletal muscle in the upper-body. Prior to joining Volo Health Tristan was the founding director of PrecisionRX a metabolic health and performance lab that served clinical to professional clients. Tristan has also consulted biotech start-ups focusing on the aggregation of wearable health data to create meaningful change. Tristan has been published 12 times in peer-reviewed journals and has 5 years of teaching experience at the university level. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, surfing, and snorkeling on Florida’s east coast