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“We must become better at decoding the data of the body’s genetic and microbiome road maps, for they can reveal a path to disease, or the path to health and longevity.

Once we know this, it’s a much simpler matter to intervene and reroute to the destination of wellness and a longer, healthier life.”

David S. Vogel
Co-Founder of VoLo Foundation

Our approach

3 Key Supporting Pillars To Our Value Creation



Provide resources for the scientific comunity to enable research in personalized health. Partner with biotech companies on product development through data science solutions.



Fund research programs, events, and initiatives. Contribute to scientific discoveries by providing cutting edge data science expertise.



Educate the public on historical and timely scientific research discoveries. Provide the public with educational resources to learn about health, wellness, and digital health.

who we are

Meet the VoLo Team

We are experts in the fields of data science, predictive modeling, healthcare, biomedical research, business and finance. Through funding research and analysis, in collaboration with philanthropic and academic partners, we look to unlock the relationship and interdependencies between evolving multi-omic data sources and create new discoveries in the fields of health, medicine, and disease prevention.

David S. Vogel

Co-Founder/trustee and chief scientist

thais lopez vogel


Daniel vera phd

director of research

karolina chwalek phd mba

senior development director

christopher schnyer


dmitry larko

Senior Data Scientist

lisa lopez

communications specialist

enrique ramos phd

Senior Scientist Of Bioinformatics

anderson butler phd

consultant, bioinformatics

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